A unique drink & paint workshop in the dark! A unique drink & paint workshop in the dark!
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Neon Brush: A unique sip and paint workshop under neon lights !

In a retro-futuristic, neon-lit atmosphere, brush in one hand, glass in the other, unleash your inner artist and create a work of art… in the dark! Neon Brush is a unique workshop led by a professional where you can let your imagination run wild, have a drink and enjoy the music.

Become a painter for an evening

Step into the workshop and immerse yourself in an arty, fluorescent universe from floor to ceiling. For 1.5 hours, alternate between painting and enjoying a drink, guided by an artist. With exceptional decor, immersive sound, and an explosion of fluorescent colors, you will learn different painting techniques in a unique immersive setting!
Neon Brush - Neon Brush: A sip and paint experience in the dark
Whether you're an amateur or a talented painter, everyone is welcome! All the necessary materials will be provided on-site, you just need to bring your creativity! Whether alone, with friends, or family, enjoy this moment of relaxation and leave with your masterpiece.
Neon Brush - Neon Brush: A sip and paint experience in the dark

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Neon Brush Reviews

What participants thought about the experience

  • Jessica

    An incredible experience that combines culture, creativity and relaxation! The staff are friendly and approachable. A truly fantastic concept!

  • Carly

    A great new artistic experience!

  • Megan

    It was amazing, great atmosphere, conviviality, simple explanations to create the painting. Very enjoyable! A must-do.

  • John

    Excellent reception, very fun and original activity, the atmosphere is top-notch!

  • Dave

    Beautiful! A super creative and fun-filled experience 😊

  • Chloe

    I want to do it again as soon as possible. Best evening ever! The people were incredibly friendly, and the decor was stunning! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Ross

    A very pleasant moment with a light-hearted atmosphere and a top-notch organizer!

  • Lisa

    It was fantastic! Great teacher! An incredible ambiance.


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Neon Brush

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